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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

I'd like to screen your films at my festival / event.
Screeners are sent digitally as HD quicktime files (and are of better quality than those encoded for the web).
Please mention it if the event is free entry and/or if screenings run across multiple nights.

What about distribution and broadcast?
Sure. Send the license terms as well as your preferred format for the master.

Can I post your films on my blog / website / channel?
Absolutely, as long as you don't reupload the film and share it by embedding it (or linking to the original video).

Can I use visuals from your films as stock footage or as VJ material?
Can I use music from your films as a soundtrack?

No, unfortunately.
If you're looking for audiovisual material, check out beeple's VJ clips, which are published under creative commons. If you're looking for music, search for creative commons and public domain music. There's tons.

Can I make a game or a project based on ________ ?
Can I remix or modify ________ ?

In most cases, no. Altough it's amazing that the films inspire other works, this is a very tricky area of intellectual property (especially if monetary transactions are involved), so ask first. The best workaround to this is to make a completely original project so it can no longer be associated with the content of our films.

Commissions / Collab?
Not planning to do commissions or collabs for the moment.

What software / engine did you use? How? Why?
Nothing fancy really. Feel free to ask if you have something specific in mind.